Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Character Basics Guide


First appeared in: Final Fantasy X

Combat proficiency: Mid / close-range, magic


Yuna’s abilities are pretty straightforward. Calling upon summons for her attacks, her Meteor Strike and Aerospark abilities are useful when opponents get too close, while Heavenly Strike and Sonic Wings give her solid air control. Impulse can be charged and used for tracking pressure and Energy Blast can be used at mid range. One of Yuna’s strongest qualities is that her HP attacks cover a lot of ground, making it difficult for enemies to dodge them.


The trickto playing Yuna is to keep as much distance from your opponent as you can while remaining within range of her own abilities. Her attacks have slow start-up speeds and her play style becomes a delicate balance of offense and defense. Knowing when to use each ability becomes crucial against a skilled opponent.

Learning curve: Easy

Zidane Tribal

First appeared in: Final Fantasy IX

Combat proficiency: Close / mid-range, melee


Aside from being an agile character with quick start-up speeds for most of his bravery attacks, Zidane packs an incredible amount of power in his abilities. Many of his offensive skills can be quickly executed back-to-back, and with super-fast HP attacks like Free Energy, it’s hard to not recommend Zidane to series’ newcomers. He’s well suited for both ground and aerial combat, though he doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to ranged abilities.


Some of Zidane’s moves are easily blocked by opponents who know what to look for, and most of his HP attacks have a very short range, requiring you get up close and personal.

Learning curve: Easy

Unlockable characters (coming soon):

Feral Chaos

April 12, 2011