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Destiny: Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Cluster locations

Strike - Sepiks Perfected - Iron Lords 2.3 - 2.4, Fallen 3.5

After completing The Wretched Eye strike, you'll unlock another level of difficulty for The Devil's Lair. That's where we want to go.

Iron Lords 2.4

Make your way through the strike until you reach The Blast and a Fallen Walker drops in.

To the immediate left of the Walker is a doorway that is often used to hide in while firing off potshots at it.

Go inside and head up the stairs.

At the top, you'll spot some lockers on the left. One of them is emitting a suspicious red glow.

You guessed it! It's a SIVA fragment.

Iron Lords 2.3

The next one is in the same area - The Blast, where you fight the Fallen Walker.

Behind the Walker on the right are a couple of struts next to a SIVA growth.

The cluster is on the back of the strut next to the SIVA growth. 

Fallen 3.5

This one is in the final area where you confront Sepiks Perfected. Head all the way down the left side.

When you reach the doorway on the left at the bottom of the slope, turn around to face the way you came.

There's a large piece of collapsed walkway on the ground. The cluster is wedged underneath it.

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