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Watch the Destiny 2 Easter egg which reveals that Guardians are really good at falling off things

You'd think that Guardians would have found all of the secrets that the new Tower has to offer but no, Destiny 2 is still surprising us with some sneaky Easter Eggs. [REZO] Fury on Twitter has discovered that, hilariously, the Hangar - where Cayde-6 and Amanda can be found - has a Site Safety sign with a 'Days since last accident' indicator. Head over to the sign and you'll see a nice proud 1. However, make your way over to the cavernous opening and hurl your Guardian off the side, and when you return, a giant zero has taken its place. You can see it in action above. Guardian Health and Safety must have a hell of a lot of red tape to deal with. 

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There are actually plenty of Destiny 2 Easter eggs to be found if you look hard enough. From bonus Paul McCartney playing while the Tower is tumbling down around your poor Guardian's ears - yes, that is literally the sound of the end of the world as Destiny knows it - to a secret Strike intro about puppies that totally broke super serious Zavala voice actor Lance Reddick. Hopefully this is only the start of the discoveries as we start to mop up the adventures and quests of each individual planet. 

Depending on how much Destiny you've played, you might have hit the dreaded 260-270 power plateau where you're not getting any higher drops no matter what you do. Help is at hand. We've got a full guide on how to get your Destiny 2 Guardian to Power level 280 as a solo player without having to do anything too crazy. Good luck. And try not to fall off anything, eh? 

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