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How to get Dusklight Shards in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2 Dusklight Shard spawn points in the EDZ

(Disclaimer – remember, Dusklight Shards move each time they spawn. Although they’ll turn up within the same small radius, they’ll sometimes not be where you’d expect.)


Start in Trostland and you’ll immediately find a Shard either in or next to the courtyard on your right. It can be a dicey place to farm, though: you’ll often get squashed by falling Cabal drop-pods.

Go to the Public Event banner to the left of the church next. You’ll usually find one here against the tumbledown buildings or on the road below them.


You’ll occasionally find a Shard in or near the rusty bus on the west side of the fountain. Failing that, it’ll be tucked away beside the buildings to the fountain’s north.

Aim for the middle of the Outskirts area in your Director; you’ll find some woods and a Shard amongst the trees.

Keep going west until you hit a lake with two islands in the middle. There’ll be a Shard on or near them.

Once you reach the far western point of the Outskirts, you should find a Dusklight Shard.

Winding Cove

There’s usually a Dusklight Shard just north of the Public Event, on or around the island where the Fallen tech sits.

Head to the north of the Winding Cove. There’s a Shard lurking on the edge of the road either against the cliff or overlooking the area.

The Gulch

There aren’t many Dusklight Shards here – the only ones we found were south of the tunnel and atop a cliff.

The Sludge

There will sometimes be a Shard directly below the Sludge landing zone.

You’ll find a Dusklight Shard sitting pretty near the Public Event spawning area.

You could stumble upon a Shard just west of the landing zone. Sometimes it’s in the tunnel, while others it’s beyond and on the partially-submerged road. 

There may be a Dusklight Shard to the south-west of the Sludge area. It could sit beside the factory or atop a nearby silo on the west side.

There’s always a chance you’ll come across one to the east of the landing zone and overlooking the twisted forest, too.

Sunken Isles

Go to the edge of Echion Hold and stop at the little lake full of islands. There’s usually a Dusklight Shard here overlooking the ship, or on one of the islands.

Another can be found near the Public Event. Sometimes it’s further out to sea.


Delve down into the Cabal Tunnels and you’ll find a few Shards. Firstly, there’s one at the north end against a dead end or near the cavemouth blocked with Darkness opposite.

About halfway through the Tunnels, you’ll find a Shard just lying around. Sometimes it’s off the beaten track and beside one of the Cabal doors.

There’s frequently a Dusklight Shard about halfway through the Tunnels and down a winding tunnel to the east. Sometimes it’s against the huge door you’ll find at the end of the road, while at others it’s a bit better hidden on the walkway to the right.

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