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Dead Space animated feature and graphic novel announced

Today, EA announced new content for the Dead Space franchise at Comic-Con. No, it’s not day one DLC, but a brand new animated feature and graphic novel. So before we don Isaac Clarke’s helmet on January 25th, we’ll already be in the right mindset with two brand new Dead Space stories.

“It is tremendously inspiring to see Dead Space continually expand to more media. It has always been our goal to experience the universe through multiple lenses and our vision is being realized. The Dead Space world is living, breathing, and terrifying. We couldn’t be more excited about these new offerings,” said Executive Producer of the Dead Space franchise Steve Papoutsis in a prepared statement.

The animation, Dead Space Aftermath, will tell the story of the Aegis VII disaster: focusing on a government plot to expose unwitting ‘test subjects’ to Marker shards. The government is intent on creating a viable ‘Marker blueprint’ carrier; damn the ethics and damn the consequences. Guess no one in this government has ever seen a sci-fi horror movie.

The graphic novel, Dead Space Salvage, centers on a group called the ‘Magpies’, attempting to salvage the USG Ishimura, an abandoned mining ship adrift in space (yes, the one from the first game). Will they make an easy fortune and go home happy? We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?

Salvage, featuring art by fantasy and sci-fi artist Christopher Shy and published by IDW, will be available December 2010. Aftermath will be available the following month of January, 2011.Dead Space 2 releases for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 January 25th, 2011.

Source:EA Games

July 23, 2010