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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero arriving in late August for only 400 Microsoft Points

During San Diego Comic-Con today, as Keiji Inafune, Mega Man creator and Capcom big whig, showed off the eagerly awaited Dead Rising 2 ( September 28 release in the US), he finally had some answers about the 360-exclusive Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Announced earlier this year, the (zombie) bite-sized DLC is meant to get players ready for DR2, but with an original adventure instead of your standard demo. The biggest questions about the downloadable game (other than will it be good?) were how much and when? Now we know.

The game will premier on XBLA August 31, which until the most recent delay, was Dead Rising 2%26rsquo;s ship date. And when it launches on the eve of September, Case Zero will be only 400 MS Points, or five dollars to the layman. This price came as quite a surprise to me, and apparently it was a tough decision for Capcom, as Inafune mentioned at a Comic-Con panel that they weren%26rsquo;t going to make much profit off the DLC.

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Case Zero takes place two years after the end of the first Dead Rising and three years before the start of the sequel, aswe meet Chuck, DR2's hero. Chuck and his contaminated daughter Katey have ended up in the desert town of Still Creek, which is lifeless, meaning it%26rsquo;s full of zombies. Chuck aims to escape the town and find some Zombrex medicine to prevent his daughter from turning full zombie.

Since it works as a demo and a prequel, you get to try out some of the perks of the main game, including the item combination system. Additionally, all the Prestige Points, alternate costumes, Combo Cards and most importantly your level (up to level five) carry over to the real game on the 360, so if you can get that early leveling in, maybe it won%26rsquo;t be as insanely tough as the first Dead Rising. With all that and the shocking low price in this age where a %26ldquo;cheap%26rdquo; XBLA title is $10.00 we can%26rsquo;t wait for summer%26rsquo;s end.

Jul 22, 2010

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