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DC's Man-Bat postponed indefinitely

(Image credit: Kyle Hotz (DC))

(Image credit: Kyle Hotz (DC))

DC's announced Man-Bat series may not have a release date anymore due to the COVID-19 influenced distribution shutdown, but the publisher has informed retailers that the series will be released eventually.

"The five-issue Man-Bat miniseries, slated to debut in May with issue #1, will be rescheduled and resolicited," a DC spokesperson said in a newsletter to retailers earlier this week.

Man-Bat was among a swath of titles removed from the upcoming release schedule due to the COVID-19 influenced distribution shutdown. While many titles received new release dates after distribution was resumed, Man-Bat is one of several titles - along with the DC event series Generation - which hasn't been listed on DC's revised schedules.

The five-issue Man-Bat series will be written by DC associate editor Dave Wielgosz, and drawn by Sumit Kumar. Kyle Hotz has drawn covers for the first two issues.

(Image credit: Kyle Hotz (DC))

Wielgosz and Kumar's series finds Man-Bat at the end of his rope, lashing out as a force of nature against Gotham like Jaws on Amity Island. 

"For years Kirk Langstrom has struggled with his monstrous alter ego Man-Bat and the serum that transformed him," reads DC's original solicitation for #1. "But he’s finally hit rock bottom following a devastating setback, and he’s going to take out his anger on every single citizen of Gotham City. Will the combined might of Batman and the GCPD be enough to stop Langstrom once and for all? Or will this just be the start of Man-Bat’s devastation?"

Look for the revised release date of Man-Bat here at Newsarama once DC has confirmed it.

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