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Curious about Syndicates co-op? This extended gameplay trailer should make things clearer

Though some traditionalists are full of hate, we’re intrigued to see just how this reboot of the PC classic is going to work as a first person shooter. In previous trailers we’ve we've seen how single player works with forced suicides and other brutal kills in a clean, futuristic setting. And we’d already seen a cinematic trailer for co-op, but you’ll get a much better feel for it if you could watch straight gameplay footage. Good thing we now have a video of just that to share with you. Watch!

This Starbreeze developed game looks interesting, but it is disconcerting that it was announced with so close to release. Though we’re all for games coming out sooner after being announced, this major a game coming out so soon seems almost like it’s getting thrown to the wolves. We’ll see how it ends up February 21.

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