Cosplay extravaganza!

Cooking Mama, aka Susan

So, are you Cooking Mama DS or Cooking Mama Wii? I love the DS game, the Wii version isn’t as good.

Why did you choose Cooking Mama? The costume is easily constructed. Plus, it’s warm.

Cosplayed before? My Mia Fey costume won at the last London expo.

Hark at you! Don’t you think Cooking Mama is a bit of a psycho? Only when you do it wrong. And even though she’s yelling at you, she’s still trying to help.

Can your eyes set on fire? No.

Mario, aka Chris

Why did you choose Mario today? Quick, simple and easy. This is actually my first time, I’m here because my daughter needed a lift and my wife did it last time, so it’s my turn now.

Very noble. Did you make the costume yourself? I just dyed a white shirt red and dyed some painters’ overalls blue. I also dyed the sunhat. (Daughter butts in) You can admit to owning a pink sunhat, Dad.

Have you developed a taste for cosplay, then? It’s fun. It’s also freezing. I might do it again.

Detective Gumshoe, aka John from Devon

From Devon, eh? Did you come all that way in costume? Yes, I traveled up with Chun Li.

Lucky you. So why did you choose Gumshoe? Friends introduced me to the Phoenix Wright games and I loved them. They felt that I suited Gumshoe’s personality and look.

Is that a compliment? Who knows?

There seems to be quite a Wright contingent today. Have you been attacked by the Franziska von Karma? Not yet. (NGamer heads off towards sound of whipping.)

Above: Objection! This would never happen!

Sustained! That's more like it.

Fox and Yoshi, aka Rachel and Aaron from Suffolk

These are very impressive costumes. Fox: I made them. I made Yoshi about a year and a half ago. Everyone always comes as Mario, but I wanted a challenge.

But why Yoshi? Fox: Aaron bet me that I couldn’t make it.

Did you travel far today (Fox and Yoshi were late to the event)? Yoshi: We’ve been walking for miles in costume. We thought it was being held somewhere else.

We take it this isn’t your first time... Fox: No. We’re actually considered the Beckhams of cosplay. We attend every event with new costumes, with different costumes for every day of the event. Never wear the same costume twice.

Professionals, eh? What’s next for you guys? I have a Birdo in the works.

One of the Sims

So you’re a Sim, then? Blen gink la lee la plexy hogey.

Right. Which iteration of The Sims are you from? Meep flee dor kor josh mo.

Yep. We see what you’re doing there. Very good. Yopped-da gypo loaf nars. Yoo yah himla crails.

Impressed with the turnout today? Bomb lap guy gorp, ad dif voo nah Guinness Book of Gaming Records sha boom bingy dew.

Thanks for your time.