Act 1 Chapter - 14 Years After E-Day 1 - After the game starts, you have the choice of going left or right, it does not matter which path you choose. Once you choose your path, walk STRAIGHT until you cannot walk anymore. The tag is on the floor to the right of the crimson omen. 2 - The next big room you enter, the tag will be hidden in the back behind a pillar, under a catwalk, and near some ammo. 3 - Once you clear the room in which COG Tag #2 was in, you will exit into an open area. To your immediate left is a staircase. Proceed up the staircase and turn hard left. Chapter - Trial by Fire 4 - This Tag is pointed out to you on your first play through the game. It is on the floor in between a long stone wall and a small stone block. If you go up the staircase, you missed it. 5 - You will cross a long bridge and enter a building. The tag is on your left just BEFORE you EXIT the room. Chapter - Fish in a Barrel 6 - When you reach the fountain area, the tag will be striaght ahead near a pole and some ammo from when you enter the area. Chapter - Knock Knock 7 - After a short chat and a slow walking part, you will exit outside and after a few steps you will notice to your left that the earth has opened up. Follow the gap all the way up the stairs and the tag will be near a van. Chapter - Hammer 8 - You will then come to a small corridor where you will notice wretch tracks all over the floor and walls. Follow the tracks towards the left from the entrance towards the boarded opening and they will lead to the tag. 9 - When you enter the room where the remains of Rojas are, the tag is to the right of the staircase as you come down it. Chapter - China Shop 10 - After the cut scene where Kim dies, proceed to the left and you will see small patches of fire. The tag is in the fire patch on the right. 11 - By this time the berzerker should be chasing you. To the left of the third breakable door, you will see a clothed up/blacked out window. The tag is on the floor. 12 - Once you finally make it outside, take a hard left and you will find the tag after the fifth squarish plant thing on the ground in the grass with a lamppost nearby. It is kind of hard to see. Make sure you grab it before you kill the berzerker or else you will have to reload the chapter. Act 2 Chapter - Tick Tick Boom OR Grist 13 - You will come to a room with two sets of staircases. Take the second staircase leading down to the dead end and destroy the couch. The tag is underneath. If loading from Grist, turn to your left and run down the staircase, hope over the ledge, and destroy the couch. Chapter - Grist 14 - You will then be in a big room in which one side of the catwalk will break and wretches will attack you just before you reach the exit. Yes there is a crimson omen in this room and no the tag is not in this room. Proceed outside, eliminate some wretches, and continue down the staircase, then turn around and head towards the dead-end. The tag is under the walkway behind a rock. 15 - After your battle on the street where a pushable car was and a troika on the right, you will come up on the settlement. The tag should be straight ahead of you behind some newspaper stand looking things BEFORE you enter the settlement. If you enter the settlement, you will have to restart the chapter if you miss it. Chapter - Lethal Dusk 16 - After you pass checkpoint one, you will be outside. To your left an emergence hole will open up. To the left of that hole is a shack with a propane tank. Shoot the tank to get to the tag. 17 - You will then be separated from Dom and you will be in control of a spotlight. AFTER Dom activates the street lights, move the spotlight slightly above where Dom started out from. The tag is in the corner near a destroyed car. Chapter - Dark Labyrinth 18 - After you exit the dark building and just before you come up on the gas station. You will see a car with an explodeable tank. The tag is on your right as soon as you exit the building. You do not need to interact with the car to get this tag. Act 3 Chapter - Downpour 19 - After a long hike to the plant, you will come up on two buildings. One is the elevator building and the other is the power generator building. Behind the elevator one is a long wooden dock. Proceed to the end of the dock. Chapter - Evolution 20 - After you gain access to the plant and meet up with a stranded, you will come up on a room with wooden floorboards. The tag is in the far right corner. Which floorboards rot out are loaded differently each time. Chapter - Coalition Cargo 21 - Further into the plant you will come to a room with lots of guns and ammo, two mine carts, and a computer terminal on the right. Before you activate the switch on the computer, proceed to the bottom of the room. Once you reach the bottom of the staircase, the tag is on the floor to your right behind some weeds. Careful, the lighting may make it look like it blends in with the floor. Chapter - Darkest Before Dawn 22 - Once you gain access to the underground section, the path will split left and straight. Stay straight and the tag will be near grenades and a clearly visible crimson omen. 23 - Marcus and Dom will then fall down a small water ride. After a short battle you will notice a small hut on the right. The tag is to the right before you reach the stairs leading to the hut. Chapter - Darkest Before Dawn OR Angry Titan 24 - Marcus and Dom will then split up. After you regroup, you will come up on a corpser, then it will retreat. At this part, hug the right wall and it should arc around and lead towards an ammo crate and the next tag which is overlooking imulsion. If loading from the Angry Titan chapter, turn completely around and hug the left ledge. The tag will be a the end of the ledge. Act 4 Chapter - Campus Grinder 25 - This tag is in the very first area of this act. From the start point, the tag is straight ahead and to the right after you pass your second staircase. Chapter - Bad to Worse 26 - After Baird and Cole split up from Marcus and Dom, you will come to a dead end. Left leads to the conservatory in which Jack must rip a door while you take on an emergence hold and two boomers. Right leads to the tag which is behind a car. You can get the tag before or after the fight. Chapter - Imaginary Place OR Entrenched 27 - Once you are inside the Phoenix mansion, you will come to a room with four pillars, some bookcases, and a desk. Destroy the desk. The tag is underneath. Act 5 Chapter - Train Wreck 28 - Once you get on the train, the first tag is inside the very first car you enter. As soon as the door opens, it will be on the floor to the left. This is the same door jack had to rip while you fought the berzerker. 29 - You will then proceed through one passenger car and one car outside in which a small battle takes place. The very next car is a passenger car, the tag is on the right before you exit the car. If you exit the car without picking the tag up, you will have to restart the chapter to get it because the door locks behind you. 30 - The last tag is in the fourth car before the locomotive. Locomotive > Lightmass Bomb > RAAM > Ammo Car > Tag. You will press a button to have 4 fuel tanks jettisoned off the car and just before you enter the ammo car, turn completely around and head straight back. Once you enter the ammo car, the door will lock behind you and you will have to restart the entire chapter from the front of the train if you miss it.</p>