These are the locations of the holo-plan. Kortog ****** --OK, if you use the Robo-Wings to fly due east of your starting point and fly until you reach due south of the large circular loop, you should discover a diamond shaped area with circles at each of the corners. When you land here for the first time, there will be a few enemies to take out. Take either path through and you will eventually come across a stack of crates that when you smash them, you will discover the Holo-Plan. Mukow ***** --Near the Ferris Wheel. OK, as you are on the platform in front of the Ferris Wheel, if you look off to the right there will be a raised section of land con- taining Raritarium crates and regular crates. If you go near that area and jump on one of the taller brown rocks up against the raised plateau, you should be able to high jump over the fence into the area. Destroy everything and you will come across the Holo-Plan. Or take the ferris wheel and jump to here. Nundac Asteroid Ring/Apogee Space Station ***************************************** --On Asteroid Delta, pass the device vendor. Take the Swingshot near the green launch pad. It leads to an asteroid where a Leviathan is (or was) located. Continue to another Swingshot past that and there will be the Holo-Plan among a few crates and some Raritarium crates. Ardolis ******* --In the Pirate Bar, if you are standing at the entrance you arrive in and look towards the area of the bar the elevator comes down loaded with the 3 Corsairs, look to the right and you will find a Heli-pod door. Open it and high jump to reach the platform. Take it outside and you will find a Raritarium crate. Smash it to find the Holo-Plan. Rykan V ******* --When you're in town, walk from your ship to the armor vendor and beyond him you will see some yellowish colored pipes. There will be a large box/container in front of it. Jump on that container and grab the ledge directly below the yellow pipes. Shimmy to the left around to another platform with another ledge you shimmy around. At the other side, walk along the buildings until you find the Gravity Ramp. Walk up it and look to the right. You will see a row of buil- dings along the mountain on the left side. The fourth one being a small one with a green electric barrier. Jump/glide down to these buildings and make your way across them. At the green barrier, toss a Heli-pod to raise a platform that allows you to jump onto it and across to another building with more crates. Smash these crates to find the Holo-Plan. Sargasso ******** --On the northernmost island will be 2 Troglasaurs. Of the 2, the one more "east" is the one we're gonna need. He's the one standing on the red pads. When standing on him, you should notice towards his right-rear side is a small buil- ding. Jump to this building and there will be a stack of crates on one end. Smash these crates to find the Holo-Plan. Kreeli Comet ************ --Once you shimmy around the rear end of the pirate ship/base, eventually you will come to a Gravity Ramp heading down along the side with cannons popping out. Before you stand on the Ramp, jump and glide down to the left and you will land safely in an area with a Door Guardian and a Swingshot point. Just Swingshot yourself along and you will find the Holo-Plan among crates. Viceron ******* --Upon exiting from the prison, after rescuing Talwyn, and right after the room that has tentacles coming out of both side, you will find yourself walking down a Gravity Ramp. When you reach the bottom, there will be 2 raised paths you are able to take. The left one leads to the taxi that takes you back to your ship. However, the right one will have a small group of crates on it. Smash those crates to locate the Holo-Plan. Jasindu ******* --As you start the level, proceed to walk forward jumping across the gaps until you make it to the next section. Here you will walk along the edge of a cliff with a large open expanse in front of you. Generally, a huge amount of pirates will make their way into this area to fight you. Right after you cross past the cliff, and before walking forward into the large field, turn to the right and you should be able to see a ledge with crates and a Raritarium crate as well. Jump up there and smash everything to locate the Holo-Plan. Ublik's Passage *************** --After the first barge, as you proceed, you will come to an area with a bridge going off in one direction, and in the other a few pirates, bolt to turn in the ground, and a turret. Take out the pirates and step up to the bolt in the ground. If you pan the camera to the right slightly past the turret, you should see the Gravity Ramp at the edge. Take it around to the back and smash the first group of crates you see to find the Holo-Plan. Reepor ****** --In the initial area of the planet, where you fly down to, or end up every other time you fly to the planet, there will be a building both to your left and to your right. Each one had cannons that your teammates took control of to blast through the force field the first time through. If you walk up to the building on the right side, you should notice a platform off to the left side of it with a few crates. Jump to it and smash the crates to find the Holo-Plan. Igliak ****** --Right past the second weapons vendor of the level is a large dome. You en- counter 2 of the purple ninjas and a 4 legged walker in here. The platform that you climb up to reach the purple enemies is where you need to initially get to. Once there, you will notice at each end 2 glass walkways extending from the central platform. If you stand on the platform and turn to face the entrance that you initially came in from towards the weapons vendor, off to the left, you're gonna see at the end of the walkway a small set of crates. Smash them to locate the Holo-Plan. Fastoon (revisited) ******************* --This is quite a ways into the level. Once you reach the Court of Azimuth, after activating the final Decryptor podium, and of course after fighting off quite a few of the purple warping ninjas, Talwyn will need you to rotate the bridge so she can deactivate the forcefield. Do so and then stand back at the doorway you came through to get into the room with the bridge. Now, as you face into the room, turn to the right and follow the wall and in a short amount of time, you should find the final Holo-Plan. **If you are going to want to get the RYNO IV at this point, I would recommend stepping on the red pad adjacent to the one Talwyn is waiting on after every enemy in here is beaten. This will open up the chamber to the final battle but more importantly when you leave and return here, you shouldn't have to worry about killing all of the purple ene- mies a second time. Though with the RYNO, it's probably not a big deal anymore.</p>