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Change up your PS5 colour with these extremely expensive custom versions

A gold PS5
(Image credit: Caviar)

Incredibly expensive PS5 third-party custom faceplates have been launched online. 

Ever since the console launched people have been wanting to switch up the console's look with custom faceplates, and you can do just that with a couple of options offered by Caviar.

Caviar is a company that will turn your tech into lavish and truly opulent versions of themselves, and it is offering a custom range of PS5 consoles, all of which have different colors.

The only problem is the price. One of the options is the PS5 Golden Rock, which is encased in eight sheets of solid gold, and "made in the original jewelry technique, which adds volume and texture to the model".

This one, however, is an eye-watering £358,500 which might seem like an obscenely expensive price tag. Caviar says on its website that "the unique gold PS5 will be released in a limited edition of 9 pcs", but we can't imagine they would sell out particularly quickly at this price.

The Golden Rock option also comes with a DualSense controller, which is made with crocodile leather, with the site claiming: "the gamepad did not escape [our] designers’ attention either. The accessory is made of crocodile leather for real tactile pleasure."

The other two options, which are called Carbon and Alligator, are slightly cheaper than the gold case. Carbon will hold your PS5 inside "durable car carbon" for a whopping £4,200, while the Alligator edition – made from "genuine black alligator leather" will set you back £5,800. 

The website, however, is surprisingly vague as to what you might be purchasing here. It's completely unclear if you're buying a new case to upgrade your PS5 or if you're buying a completely new console that has been made in these forms. Either way, these prices seem astronomically large to change up the PS5 which can simply be done with a custom faceplate.

As it stands, custom, unofficial faceplates for your PS5 console are something that Sony doesn't seem to keen on letting players have at the moment due to various pending patents on the console.

However, even with the potential legal issues, one company has started selling black PS5 faceplates which can turn your PS5 into a nice matte black colour.

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