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Call of Duty: Black Ops – how to unlock Dead Ops Arcade and other Easter eggs from the main menu

Call of Duty: Black Ops is full of hidden modes and secret codes – what's surprising is how many of them are available as soon as you start the game. Wondering where to find the third version of Zombies? Want all of the intel information without having to locate all of the intel? Tired of being stuck in that stupid interrogation chair, and wish you could escape? Here's how…

In the main menu, don't just sit there. Alternately pull the Left and Right controller triggers, as quickly as possible – LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT, etc – to break free from your restraints, earn an Achievement / Trophy, and explore the interrogation room at will.

Now head to the back of the room and find the interactive computer terminal in the corner. Access it, then enter "DOA" at the prompt to unlock Dead Ops Arcade, a retro top-down, two-stick shooter reminiscent of Smash TV and brimming with old-school zombies and rabid monkeys. You can now play this mode anytime – solo or co-op – by looking under the Zombies menu.

That's not the only secret this computer holds, however. You can also type the following codes:

"3arc Intel" – Instant access to all of the censored information under the Intel menu, normally obtained by locating the 42 intel items scattered throughout the missions. Warning: This shortcut will void your chance at earning the intel Achievement / Trophy.

"zork" – Play a 30 year-old text adventure game! No, really, the whole thing! We'd recommend plugging in a USB keyboard if you're serious about doing this.

"help" – Shows what other command prompts are possible. You can read letters from Mason's family, look at concept art, listen to soundtrack music and attempt to break into other government agencies' databases.

Nov 9, 2010