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Black Ops 3's new tech abilities go to Puketown

The Chaos Cybercore in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gives you all kinds of high-tech methods to disrupt and destroy the opposing force - but I don't see why you would ever use anything besides the one that makes your targets puke themselves to death. Ok, maybe that and the one that makes robots catch fire, since their lack of stomachs and inner ears may make the sonic anti-personnel ability slightly less effective.

Want more from the story than a keen appreciation of puke particle physics? For starters, the Black Ops 3 campaign won't be on last-gen systems, so you'll need a current-gen console. Beyond that, Activision and Treyarch also published a new video setting up Black Ops 3's many conspiracies and "you thought you had this whole thing figured out ha ha nope" moments. Apparently they'll find time to tell a story about the chilling future of climate change and income disparity between all the vom-shots, which tells me that gaming is in a pretty good place right now.

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