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Buzz Uncut: Actors

On how to keep motivated when you’re working part time
“The worst thing about being an actor is when you don’t have an audience, when you have a job. Whether you’re a taxi driver or whatever, that’s what you do – find a way to make life an audience.”

On acting for the love of it
“You can play! You must do that, you must, because it’s your only way not to go crazy. Meaning, if you’re going to wait for ‘the job,’ you will die .”

On how to survive the business
“Being honest to yourself. I don’t kid myself. It’s probably the very best thing you can do, because you are going to need it in this business. It’s full of a lot of treachery. Honesty is beside the point. Integrity is beside the point. Art is beside the point. You have to engineer your way through that tough landscape.”