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Bring Christmas to Fallout 4 early with only 185 programmable speakers (oh God)

We've already seen some impressive music creation in Fallout 4, like these pressure plates that play the Mario theme when you walk over them. This, however, is a new level of crazy building achievement from Daniel Cullinane who's programmed 185 speakers to play Carol of the Bells, the creepiest of all the Christmas songs.

According to Daniel this is an "an arpeggiator out of delayed off/on switches and speakers". While it plays the tune well enough it does apparently make the game lag when you set it off, probably, he guesses, "because of the 185ish trigged items".

Seeing as my building mainly consists of making sure all my settler needs are green and then sodding off to shoot raiders, I'm impressed by this but will never, ever try anything like it.

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