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Borderland 2's Lilith actress revealed

Gearbox's casting call for a real-life Lilith attracted a ton of cosplay hopefuls, but in the end only one was selected to play the unrealistically proportioned heroine for the live-action scenes in Borderlands 2. Her name is Yasemin Arsal, and thanks to this clip from X-Play, you can watch her get ready for her video game close-up:

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E3 2012

Borderlands 2

Yasemin was selected by Gearbox from a pool of thousands of applicants. And judging by the video, the studio is happy with their selection.

“It was kind of uncanny with some of the still shots we set up for this where, wow, she's Lilith,” said Gearbox head Randy Pitchford, recalling, “We did our first test shoot with her, and there was a moment with her when we asked her to express sadness. Just like that she really just nailed me with it, and I couldn't believe how quickly one can get there.”

“She's such a strong, confident badass character, and just to have the opportunity to play that makes you feel good,” Arsal added.

The Australian model isn't the only actress who will feature in Gearbox's sequel. As the behind-the-scenes video reveals, Britanni Johnson will also be reprising her role as the mysterious Guardian Angel.

All will be revealed when Borderlands 2 releases for PS3, Xboc 360, and PC later this year (or maybe next?)