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BLOG Superheroes? Nah. There Are Some Cooler Cats Coming

BLOGGERS’ WEEK PigMonkey isn’t impressed with the blockbuster movie line up this year, but there is something he’s looking forward to on the small screen

What movie am I most looking forward to this year? It looks like another stellar year for the spandex set. In this year’s line up we have: Sucker Punch (hot looking women kicking ass), Thor (hot looking man kicking ass), Pirates Of The Caribbean (admittedly this is low on the list), Kung Fu Panda 2 (curse of the second movie), Cowboys and Aliens (James Bond and Han Solo in the same movie, GEEKGASM!), X-Men: First Class (Last call), Green Lantern (let’s paint a costume on Ryan Reynolds), Transformers (we’re advertising TOYS!), Captain America (we are advertising America, and TOYS!) and The Smurfs (it'll be a train wreck). With a line up like that, the thing that is really making me do the six-year-old-I-gotta-pee-dance is the triumphant return of Thundercats to television.

I remember 1985, it kind of sucks to admit that. One of the things I remember most about 1985 is Thundercats . Every week day at 4 pm, Transformers , GI Joe and Thundercats were on. They. were. AWESOME! I remember being riveted and excited. I re-watched the shows of my youth recently in hopes of recapturing some of that excitement. It's an action I regret over all: iit appears that these cartoons are best viewed as 20-year old hazy memories.

The show wasn’t great, but at the time it had me; I was there every day sucking up the half hour toy commercial. Thus, I safely conclude that as a 12-year old, I was stupid, and my taste was crappy. I did recapture a bit of that excitement recently though. That little thrill ran through me when I saw the cartoon network will start playing a new Thundercats cartoon this year. Though I am not fond of the anime style they chose for the cartoon, I still have high hopes.

All reviews promise an edgier, darker version of the Third Earth. The story is going to be retold from the beginning. I think this means a story “reboot”. This is a risk – you never know how fans are going to take a reboot until they start sending you hate mail. Could this show suck so completely not even light can escape? Very Possibly. Is that going to stop me from watching it? Not in the least.

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