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BLASTERMIND Mystery Link Quiz

As usual, there are no prizes other than bragging rights. Feel free to boast how many you’ve got in the comments section, but please don’t post answers there. You can post answers in this thread on the SFX forum, but make sure you only post them in invisible text (if you don’t know how, just ask on the thread – they’re a very friendly bunch).

Answers on the next  page…

Answers on the next page…

The linking theme was: HG Wells

The Island Of Doctor Moreau (based on the book by HG Wells)

The Invisible Man (TV series, very, very loosely based on the novel by HG Wells)

The First Men In The Moon (based on the novel by HG Wells)

Things To Come (based on the novel by, and scripted by, HG Wells)

Warehouse 13 (with Jaime Murray playing HG Wells)

The Food Of The Gods (based on the novel by HG Wells)

Empire Of The Ants (based on the short story by HG Wells)

The Shape Of Things To Come (barely recognisably adapted from the novel by HG Wells)

Time After Time (Malcolm McDowell plays HG Wells)

Doctor Who , “Timelash” (David Chandler plays HG Wells)

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