Bionic Woman 1.03 Sisterhood review

Original US airdate: 10/10/07

Written by: David Eick

Directed by: Steve Boyum


The One Where: Jaime is tasked with babysitting a defence contractor’s bratty daughter. Meanwhile, Sarah Corvus is slowly dying, and tries to convince Jaime to allow Anthros Sr to help save her. When she refuses, Sarah threatens her sister...

Verdict: We learn quite a lot more about Sarah Corvus in this episode, and the nature of the bionic implants: the two girls have a mental connection, and the Berkut guys can stream video from Jaime’s brain (bet they don’t get any work done...) – that is, until Sarah advises her how to turn off the feed. It’s also the funniest episode so far, with an impressive stack of one-liners (although everyone seems to speak in the same “voice” when it comes to wisecracks...)

Unfortunately, it’s also relentlessly talky. There are not one but two scenes where a face-off ends not in an ass-kicking, but with a nosebleed, as Jaime simply turns her video feed back on. So it’s a considerable relief when some Serbian thugs try to kill Jaime’s charge, and a good old-fashioned walloping ensues. Hurrah.

WTF? Loving the bit where the rebellious little sister suddenly reveals her in-depth knowledge of the Sommers family tree. Cos genealogy is, like, the nuts. The kids love it.

Cool Tunes: The episode kicks off with the awesome “Date with the Night” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Later, Jaime and Becca dance to “Breakin’ Dishes” by Rihanna.

Best Line:
Tech guy Nathan (not happy that Jaime treats him like a girl friend): "Why don’t you put me in a dress and a wig and call me Stephanie?"

Richard Edwards

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