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The best Kingdom Come Deliverance mods: fixes for saving, lockpicking and more

Fittingly for a realistic medieval sim, Kingdom Come Deliverance has a rough charm. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a mod however, and we’ve got the best to improve your experience. Some, like Unlimited Saving, add in needed features, while others, such as Lockpicking, just make life easier. Whatever you go for though, all of these will make your game smoother and just a bit more fun. You can get extra help navigating the game's complex introduction with our Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips aimed at beginner to intermediate players, too.

And, if you fancy something more dramatic and have the patience there’s a Game of Thrones Kingdom Come Deliverance mod on the way. That hasn’t got a date however so you might be watching season eight before that arrives. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Unlimited Saving Mod

One of Kingdom Come’s most contentious features has been its saving. You can only do it through sleeping or drinking Saviour Schnapps, which isn’t alway easy to come across. The upshot is that you can lose loads of progress if you’re unlucky, and it can make trying anything feel way riskier than it should. The Unlimited Saving mod negates all that by letting you save with the escape key whenever you want. Medieval life just got a whole lot easier. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lockpicking Mod

Like just about everything in Deliverance, lockpicking is tricky in weird and unusual ways, requiring you find an invisible sweet spot and keep track of it as you rotate the lock. There are two good mod options to help here. Firstly there’s Easy Lockpicking. That will automatically unlock anything at your current level, while letting you try the mini-game with higher level locks. Another option is Sectoral Lockpicking (opens in new tab). This is a visual mod only that adds spokes to the mini-game, making it easier to follow the tumbler as you rotate it. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Unlimited Weight Mod

Obviously this is more cheaty than helpful or fixing anything, but sometimes you just want to carry all the things. There’s no worse feeling in a game than hitting your weight capacity and having to decide what stuff you’re going to have to dump. So this Unlimited Weight mod will give you up to 999999999 pounds to play with. Should be enough. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance No Helmet Vision Mod

Part of Deliverance’s charm, let’s call it charm, is its simulation-like levels of realism. Wear a helmet for example and you’ll see the world through the inch-wide slot it gives you. It is an accurate portrayal of how wearing a bucket with a small hole in it works, but not great when you’re being attacked outside of your line of sight. The No Helmet Vision mod fixes that and, while it might no longer be technically accurate, oh thank God for peripheral vision. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Bow Dot Reticle Mod

In another nod to realism you don’t get any aiming aids in Deliverance, meaning you have to sight your arrows more naturally. Otherwise known as missing a lot. That’s where this Bow Dot Reticle mod comes in. It keeps the tiny little on-screen dot the game uses when looking around active while aiming, and prevents it from disappearing, making it easier to put arrows where you meant them to go. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance Dark Times Mod: A Difficulty and Balance Overhaul

This mod, in its own words, smooths out and balances many aspects of Deliverance’s gameplay. The Dark Times mod includes some other mods to make lockpicking and archery easier but also tweaks numerous elements to create a more stable, if slightly tougher, progression. So, for example, while you can carry a little more, armour weight now affects stamina. Nearly all the stats, buffs and recovery stuff has been adjusted for a better experience. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance No Stamina Visual Effects Mod

Getting tired in Kingdom Come Deliverance is a thing that happens often thanks to a stern stamina system and the fatigue of waving huge swords around. The No Stamina Effects mod won’t alter that, but it will get rid of the distracting visual and sound effects that happen when your meter’s nearly drained. There are three variations here that let you remove the visual effects, the sound, or both. 

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