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Best green screen 2021: top canvas kits for streaming, photography, and more

Best green screens
(Image credit: Elgato)

The best green screen can make all the difference in getting that professional shot. Whether you're looking to spruce up your Zoom calls, up your streaming game, or get started in photography, it's fast becoming an essential accessory and piece of furniture. With more and more amateur streamers and content creators investing in their setups - not to mention our newfound reliance on video calls - we're seeing premium-level features available for far less than you may think. 

One of the best green screens will allow you to change the background of your streaming or webcam footage by chroma keying the green color into an image of your choice. That's perfect for marketing videos, content creation, photography, game streaming, or just adding a little more sophistication to your work calls. 

The best green screens do far more than offering just a colored background to superimpose your surroundings, though. High-quality materials will absorb your lighting better, protect against wrinkles, and some are even machine washable which helps to maintain cleanliness and avoid dirt and dust build-ups too. 

Not only that, but you'll find a range of sizes and even shapes available these days. The green screen has moved out of high-budget movie studios and into our home offices, so there are plenty of low-maintenance, affordable options that won't take up your whole space as well as portable green screens made to easily fold away.

The key to choosing the best green screen for you is knowing how you'll use your new equipment, where you'll use it, and what you need it for. A photographer, for example, will likely prioritise a thicker, larger canvas that will work with a range of lighting scenarios and won't need to worry too much about being able to easily pack away if they're working in their own studio. However, an amateur streamer won't value size as much as storage, for example, and will certainly be after something easy to use to team with their best capture card, best ring light, best microphone for streaming, or whole Razer streaming setup, for example.

You'll find all the best green screens available right now just below, but we're also outlining all their key specs and use cases so you know exactly which kit is best for you.

The best green screens available now

best green screen elgato

(Image credit: Elgato)

1. Elgato Green Screen

Best green screen for streaming

Dimensions: 58.27 x 70.87 inches | Weight: 20.5lbs | Material: 100% Polyester | Collapsible: Yes | Wrinkle resistant: Yes

Easy and fast set up 
Wrinkle resistant 
Collapses straight into storage case
A little narrow

Corsair released the Elgato green screen with streamers in mind, so you'll find a range of features here that makes this pull-up canvas perfect for giving your stream a little edge. The narrower design keeps that footprint small but there's still enough width here for you to sit at a comfortable distance from the camera and keep the frame filled at the same time. 

The whole canvas pulls up from its casing like a roller sign and is locked in place by an automatic pneumatic x-frame. That makes setup incredibly easy, and putting the screen away at the end is just a matter of releasing the frame and rolling the canvas back into the container. That means you won't need to keep your screen set up, which is particularly helpful if you're working with a smaller space. 

Software like OBS and XSplit will enable you to use the Chroma keying-optimized surface to display your gameplay, and with a thick material and stable base, this is certainly a durable, high-quality piece of kit. While it's not quite carrying the dimensions for photography, it's the best green screen for those looking to get serious in their streams. 

best green screen

(Image credit: FancierStudio)

2. Fancierstudio Green Screen

Best cheap green screen for most

Dimensions: 72 x 108 inches | Weight: 11.3lbs | Material: Muslin | Collapsible: No | Wrinkle resistant: No

Cheaper price point
Adjustable stand included
Not easily collapsible 
May wrinkle easier

At just $50, Fancierstudio's green screen kit offers up an affordable alternative for those who need a simple canvas and don't need to spend big bucks on professional-level materials. The muslin fabric isn't wrinkle-resistant, which means you may need to put a little more work into steaming out any creases. However, the design of this setup is more geared towards those who don't need to set up and pack away too often, so folding those creases in shouldn't be a problem.

The included stand offers up plenty of versatility, with an adjustable frame reaching up to 8ft in height and 10ft in width, while also being able to shrink down to 3.5ft x 4.5ft. That's a good size mount, and perfect for capturing slightly wider shots or if you're concerned about filling a wider angle frame from a webcam. 

It's worth noting that this is a fairly lightweight frame. That's great if you are packing down (a kit bag is also included), but does mean additional weights may be needed if you're photographing a particularly active subject. 

This cheaper option is the best green screen for those just getting started in content creation or marketing photography, particularly those with a larger separate space to film. However, the adjustable height and good canvas size here ensure flexibility for a range of uses. 

best green screen kit

(Image credit: Neewer)

3. Neewer Green Screen Kit

Best value green screen kit for beginners

Dimensions: 72 x 108 inches | Weight: 14.97lbs | Material: Muslin | Collapsible: No | Wrinkle resistant: No

Great value for a beginner's all-in-one kit
Large screen
Plenty of extras included
Lengthy setup

It should be noted that the best green screen kits rarely offer the level of lighting power that professionals require to properly balance a canvas and subject. However, if you're just getting started in photography and need a stock of equipment without breaking the bank they can offer everything you need to get the ball rolling. 

This Neewer kit combines a 72x108-inch green screen with a mounting stand, support clasps, four 7ft light stands, two single headlight holders, four 45W daylight bulbs, two 33-inch umbrellas, and two 24 x 24-inch softboxes. That's a good selection of starter items, and perfect for getting to grips with lighting angles and color balancing without spending big bucks on professional-level gear. 

Plus, you'll also find a black and white canvas color selection here as well, which means you're set up for product photography as well as chroma keying. 

There's a lot to put together here, though, which means it's not best designed for quick sessions, or for shared spaces. However, with two kit bags included you'll be able to transport the full setup if necessary. 

best green screen zoom

(Image credit: Webaround)

4. Webaround Big Shot Gen2

Best green screen for Zoom

Dimensions: 56-inch diameter | Weight: 1.8lbs | Material: Nylon and Neoprene | Collapsible: Yes | Wrinkle resistant: Yes

Fast set up
Chair strap design
Larger than other chair-based green screens
May not fit every chair

Designed to attach onto the back of an office chair, this low maintenance contender for best green screen is perfect for those looking to make their work calls or interviews more professional, or if you're starting out in streaming and don't want to invest the cash (or space) for a full setup. 

The 56-inch diameter is larger than other chair-mounted green screens, which means those in smaller spaces will feel a slight squeeze. However, that wider diameter also means you can sit at a good distance from the webcam and still keep the frame filled with the canvas as well. 

The circular screen is secured to the back of a chair using a horizontal strap and vertical height adjuster, making for a particularly speedy set up. Pack down isn't quite as fluid, with a folding process that seems like it may need a little practice to perfect. However, with a stabilizer pulling the fabric taut behind you, this folding won't result in wrinkles on camera. 

best green screen neewer

(Image credit: Neewer)

5. Neewer Collapsible Backdrop

Best portable green screen

Dimensions: 59 x 78.7 inches | Weight: 9.2lbs | Material: Muslin | Collapsible: Yes | Wrinkle resistant: No

Quick and easy set up
Double sided green and blue
Versatile mounting
Carry bag doesn't hold the stand

These easily collapsible backdrops are some of the best green screens for portability and speedy, versatile setups. The Neewer model comes a little larger than you typically find these foldaway screens, which means you'll be able to hang it both vertically and horizontally. Loops around the edge of the screen hang onto the support frame in either orientation for a quick set up, and the whole canvas folds into the carry bag when packing away as well. 

The included support stand also offers plenty of versatility, with an adjustable height extending all the way up to 8.5ft. There's no stretch system on this mount, so any wrinkles brought about by folding will need to be steamed out for a smooth finish, but the supplied elastic clip will help you keep everything taut as well. 

However, it's worth noting that this stand doesn't fit into the circular kit bag supplied with the green screen itself. Nevertheless, the canvas is flexible enough to sit against a range of surfaces and provides an excellent on-the-go screen as and when you need it. 

best large green screen

(Image credit: Emart)

6. Emart Green Screen

Best large green screen

Dimensions: 120 x 144 inches | Weight: 8.38lbs | Material: Muslin | Collapsible: N/A | Wrinkle resistant : No

Machine washable
Seamless backdrop
Rod pocket for easy mounting
Stand not included

If you need a larger green screen for bigger shoots and photography sessions, this canvas from Emart offers premium materials with a healthy set of dimensions to boot. At 120 x 144 inches, it's one of the biggest green screens on our list, and it's an ample size for wider shots, or if you're working with a particularly wide-angle lens.

While the stand isn't included here, you'll find pockets lining the top of the fabric to easily mount the canvas to a stand of your choosing, and clamps are provided. In place of that stand, though, you're paying a great price for Emart's well-known quality materials. 

The 100% cotton muslin absorbs light well, and the weaved surface offers extra density to ensure well-balanced lighting and no reflections. Not only that, but this is one of the only machine washable green screens on our list, which means you can easily keep your canvas dust-free as well. 

This is the best green screen when using something for photography and video rather than streaming or on-the-go content creation. The larger screen will take up a considerable amount of space, so it's best used in a permanent studio. 

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