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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here and so are the memes

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The day has arrived, fellow islanders. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here to whisk us all away to a deserted island and away from our problems. 

We've been collectively amped for the next Animal Crossing game since it was announced, but after the last few weeks, this game feels like a much-needed balm for the soul. It's soothing, it's sweet, it's full of perfectly mundane activities - and it's pure internet fodder, giving us personalities like Tom Nook (aka "landlord scum" to most of Twitter) and activities like tree-shaking to keep us perpetually entertained.

We rounded up the funniest Animal Crossing: New Horizons tweets to act as supplemental learning during your time on the deserted island. We could all use a laugh, right?

Everything's fine

Everything's cool, guys.

Thanos and the froggy chair

As worshippers of the froggy chair, we were all worried when a leak showed no froggy chair in the game files. Whether it will show up in DLC is currently unknown. Was it worth it, Nintendo?

Tom Nook, scumbag

This is some top-tier stuff. A clip from Dr. Phil of the titular host reading alleged quotes from a horribly misbehaved guest becomes Tom Nook's calling card. Help, it's too good. 

John Travolta on the deserted island

Ah, the pitch-perfect John Travolta looking around perplexed meme. Since Animal Crossing time is mapped to your time zone, it's hilarious to imagine showing up super late to the island and finding an empty town after waiting for this game for years. 

Why are you running from Tom Nook?

It's low-fi, it's an absurd TV show clip, it's Tom Nook being vaguely threatening. It's Twitter gold. 

Oh, you wanted this bug?

You can catch bugs in the new Animal Crossing, but not if one of the villagers has just squished it with their ass. The long look these two exchange absolutely sends me.

Vince McMahon is excited

Vince McMahon may be more excited than you about AC:NH...

The cost of thirst

There's an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons water bottle, and it's beautiful. It's also listed on Amazon for over $16,000. A lovely Spongebob meme of Patrick's measly funds is an apt reminder that sometimes, merch is too damn high.

Is that a lighthouse in your pocket?

You can put a lighthouse on your island, guys, but it inexplicably can be held in your pocket. Where can I find a pair of pants like that?

Gimme the loot

Before it was announced that GameStop was releasing Doom Eternal a day early to combat large crowds, people were reasonably concerned that they may not be able to get their Animal Crossing copies in time. That may still be an issue for some, especially those who pre-ordered them, but the idea that you could wallop a door into submission and get your AC:NH is soothing in these trying times. 

Check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips for more info to keep in mind as you start your island life.

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