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Being Human 5.02 "Sticks And Rope" Spoiler-Free Preview

Being Human 5.02 "Sticks And Rope" Spoiler-Free Preview

As the episode title suggests, some gentlemen from the Other Side play a significant role…

There's a flashback - but, for once, it's not for Hal.

The werewolf and the vampire are pitted against one another in conflict.

Both Hal and Alex have problems with parenting.

We see what’s possibly the ultimate Daily Express headline.

Doctor Who fans who know Peter Davison’s debut may experience déjà vu.

So might anyone who remembers The Les Dawson Show ...

Hal gets to show off his rich vocabulary – and he’s not the only one.

Alex is accused of being a Victorian prostitute.

Someone almost says the N word.

We see Hal wearing a crown.

Crumb has a rather unfortunate family reunion.

Tom ends up in a jam.

Alex finally gets some closure.

Phil Davis gets to deliver a truly magnificent villainous rant.

Ian Berriman

Ian Berriman

Ian Berriman is the Deputy Editor of SFX Magazine. Over the years, he's written for GamesRadar, Total Film, and Electronic Sound. He also runs the Twitter Account @TOTPFacts.