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Battlefield 1's beta starts one day early if you're a Battlefield Insider

We only found out yesterday that Battlefield 1's open beta will kick off on August  31 and it turns out you're in luck if you're a Battlefield Insider. A tweet from the official Battlefield account has revealed that Insiders will get a headstart on the Battlefield 1 beta. 

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The good news is that to become a Battlefield Insider you just have to sign up with your email address on the Battlefield site and agree to getting newsletters etc. Once you sign up you'll be asked your preferred platform to play on so it's all pretty simple. There's a cut off of August 21 though so get registering fast. 

The beta itself will have two modes on the Sinai desert map. Conquest has 64 players battling it out for control of objectives, while Rush has 24 players and attackers destroying telegraph poles while defenders, well, defend them. It looks like a great taste of the war-packed action to come and the Conquest mode will let us jump between vehicles, planes, and good old fashioned on the ground combat. Check out the Gamescom trailer below. 

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