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Bad news for drunks: you can't play 3D TV

What a chuffing outrage. First they say we can't have a sly swig in church. Now we'renot allowed to play games in 3D if we're under the influence. Honestly, of all the nerve. Well alright, we're not going to be onset by Minority Report style cops with jet packs if we booze it up during Gran Turismo 5. But we will be going against the safety guidelines outlined by the latest batch of Samsung 3D sets.

With the company's first generation of third dimension-pwning TVs going on sale in Australia next week, the manufacturer says certain folk should be left out in the uncaring 2D cold. The manuals for these new, ultra expensive boxes warn against watching or playing anything 3D if you're drinking, while the elderly, children under six and even pregnant women are in the danger groups. And here we were thinking the perfect remedy to 14 hours in labour was a nice spot of killing alien beasties in Avatar.

Above: Move along, gran. Nothing to see here

Outraged? Couldn't care less? Planning to down five belts of whisky while playing GT5 on yournew shiny new set regardless? Let us know in the comments below.

Apr 14, 2010