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Animal Crossing: New Horizons + an empty toilet paper roll = magic

Forget terraforming your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, try building one entirely on an empty toilet paper roll. YouTube artist ClayClaim (aka Simon) did just that, building a 360° model out of polymer clay on one of many cardboard rolls. Check out the video below.

The attention to detail here is astounding, not to mention the dexterity it must take to mold such tiny houses. ClayClaim's island has seven buildings, including the Dodo Airlines terminal complete with dock, seaplane, and six houses (there's no Nook's Cranny or Resident Services building). He also makes a ton of evergreen, fruit, and coconut trees to scatter about this loo roll island, some beautiful flowers, and even the island's elevated levels and waterfalls.

ClayClaims claims to not have played much of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but his clay island has pavement laid all over it and it's making me very jealous (I have not been granted access to this yet, and my island decor is suffering because of it). During the video, he mentions that choosing which aspects of the island to include was the most difficult part of the production, which is likely why there are no villagers on this island either. That's probably the right move, though, as we'd all be fighting over who should and shouldn't be there (if I saw that smug jerk Beardo anywhere near this I'd instinctively crush it).

Considering we're all stocking up on toilet paper and other essentials, it's cool to see the empty rolls being used creatively - it's even cooler when it's for an Animal Crossing island. This may be my quarantine talking, but I'd live on that clay island.

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