Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay info

22 years seems like a long time to wait for a movie tie-in. But, then, not every movie is the genre-busting horrorfest Aliens, James Cameron's all-action sci-fi sequel to Ridley Scott's similarly brilliant Alien. If Aliens: Colonial Marines is even half as thrilling an experience, the double decade wait will have been worth it.

It's not exactly a tie-in to Aliens -instead Colonial Marines takes place after Alien 3, with a squad of the aforementioned grunts on a mission to locate the Sulaco spacecraft and figure out where Ripley, Apone, Hicks,Burke, Gorman and the rest of Aliens' ill-fated cast have got to.

This month, both Official PlayStation Magazine UK and Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK were lucky enough to witness Colonial Marines in action, while visiting developer Gearbox. We've gathered together some of the juiciest new info morsels:

- There'll be a range of both claustrophobic indoor combat and less-restrictive outdoorconflict. Art on show in Gearbox HQ shows city areas, too. Though we'll probably be happy about being cooped up in a dingy colony base, with plenty ofroom to hide,when it's time for the Make A Stand scenarios.

These pre-determined moments see you first holing up and preparing a location to defend, with bomb-traps or auto-turrets, or by sealing doors with hand-torches. Then, the aliens begin to swarm your position. We're wetting ourselves already.