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6 ways we'd like to see Pokemon Black & White be different

A recent CVG story had some interesting new info regarding Pokemon Black & White:

“[…] according to the Japanese press release, there will be major differences between the two versions. Details on these will be released in the future.”

If the differences are as big as the press release says, this could be a huge departure for the series.

Traditionally, the different versions of new Pokemon gameshave been identical, with the exception of a few exclusive Pokemon depending on your version. While an optimist saw the exclusivity of each version as a way to promote trading, the pessimist viewed it as a quick cash grab by Nintendo to move more copies of the game.

Above: The only move they know is Cuddle

Global wi-fi trading (and candy filled vans) have largely eliminated the need to meet up with other players IRL, and these new exclusivity changesseem intended togive players a reason, but hopefully not a need, to purchase and play both versions.

We’ve cooked up asmall list of potential changes between the two versions and the likelihood of each actually happening. Feel free to hypothesize yourself in the comments, or just discuss whether or not you like the idea of each version having major exclusives.

1. Differences in the story mode

Likelihood: Likely

Above: If you want to throw an Ultra Ball, turn to page 124

While not a game altering change, each version could share similar plot lines, though with branching paths. While the beginning will surely be identical, each game could potentially have exclusive towns or side quests between the gym battles, giving Black & White unique experiences wrapped around the same core.

2. Exclusive gym leaders

Likelihood: Unlikely

While it’s a far out theory, each game could potentially have its own set of unique Gym Leaders, forcing players to tackle different challenges. While the games will certainly follow the same format of working your way up from a novice trainer to a Pokemon master, presenting each version with a different set of gym leaders would be a unique way to change up the gameplay.

Likelihood: Confirmed

Already confirmed by the exclusivity of the two new legendaries, each game will certainly have its fair share of exclusive Pokemon. Thankfully, wi-fi trading will make continue to make it easy to transfer them from game to game.

Likelihood: Unlikely

If the games, do in fact, have their own unique challenges, there might be some logic in transferring your trainer from one game to the other, to collect all of the badges and conquer the unique gym leaders. It would definitely be a neat touch to transfer into the opposite game with your current Pokemon, and justcontinuing your hunt for badgesby battling gym leaders who have been scaled up to your level.

Likelihood: Slim

Above: The most rugged badass outlaws the world has ever known

Resident Pokemon Master Carolyn Gudmundson suggested this tantalizing idea: that in Pokemon Black version, you play as the rival trainer. The rival trainer has been your eternal, err, rival since Red & Blue, and getting to turn the tables would put a great twist on the game. Imagine palling around with Team Rocket, trying to pull off heists and capers, doing whatever it takes to win.

The only problem here is that being a cold jerk to your Pokemon goes against everything the series stands for; and without the underlying message of love and companionship, the game wanders dangerously close to Michael Vick territory. Perhaps you could be a roguish bad boy/girl who loves mischief AND their Pokemon. The other problem is that this idea is so awesome that no one would bother to buy the White version!

Likelihood: No

Above: BEARS

Just no.

Jun 1, 2010

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