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50 Spookiest Movie Kids

Sadako (Ring)

The Spooky Kid: The lost daughter of renowned psychic Shizuko Yamamura, who comes lurching out of the television when the forbidden videotape is played. Could do with a haircut.

If They Were An Adult: An adult woman crawling out of a well and then flopping out of a television set… yes, she’d still be utterly terrifying.

Charlie (Firestarter)

The Spooky Kid: Dinky Drew Barrymore might have been cute, but she was also a firestarter… a twisted firestarter. She doesn’t mean to be bad, but she’s got one hell of a temper…

If They Were An Adult:
She could learn to rein in her powers and use them for good, superhero style!

Eli (Let The Right One In)

The Spooky Kid: A pocket-sized vampire who isn’t bad at heart, but needs to feed to survive… cue severed arteries left and right.

If They Were An Adult:
She’d be glammed up and living somewhere in the Deep South. Bon Temps, you say?

Jamie (The Pit)

The Spooky Kid: A disturbed twelve-year-old whose idea of a practical joke is sending pictures of naked women to his teachers. Not the ideal candidate to discover a pit full of man-eating beasties, then. Especially when there are so many people he doesn’t like.

If They Were An Adult:
To be honest, there’s nothing to suggest he’d behave any differently with a few more years under his belt. Troubled fellow.

Aidan Kellar (The Ring)

The Spooky Kid: The disconcertingly morose child of Naomi Watts’ protagonist, who grows even more down in the mouth after watching the fateful videotape.

If They Were An Adult: Perhaps he’d have listened to mother and left well alone. Bloody kids and their endless TV…

Kyra Collins (The Sixth Sense)

The Spooky Kid: Poor old Kyra doesn’t mean to be terrifying, but since she appears out of nowhere and begins vomiting, it’s kind of an occupational hazard. She’s a ghost you see, and was poisoned by her step-mother… she’s not had much luck really, has she?

If They Were An Adult:
She’d still be scary, but she’d look as Mischa Barton does now… scary then, but hot.

Henry Evans (The Good Son)

The Spooky Kid: Behind his goody-two-shoes act, Henry is a psychological bully, who torments his cousin with death threats while painting him out to be the nutcase to his parents. Played by Macaulay Culkin for added creep value.

If They Were An Adult:
He’d be sneaking into women’s changing rooms in search of knickers to sniff. He looks the type.

Nicholas and Anne (The Others)

The Spooky Kids: The pallid, wheezy children of Nicole Kidman’s chilly matriarch, who lurk around in the shadows like a pair of ghosts. So to speak…

If They Were Adults: They’d probably feel a bit cooped up in that house. Now that we mention it, just how old are they?

Tomas (The Orphanage)

The Spooky Kid: “Tomas”, the mask-wearing kid who proceeds to freak the crap out of Belen Rueda. Only too late (SPOILERS AHEAD) does she realise that “Tomas” was actually her son, Simon.

If They Were An Adult: He probably wouldn’t be titting about with a creepy old mask in the first place, thus averting the whole unhappy episode.

Gage Creed (Pet Sematary)

The Spooky Kid: Poor little Gage, who gets splattered by a lorry, buried on ancient Indian land and is reincarnated as a murderous fiend. What a journey!

If They Were An Adult: His Dad would probably have been too frail to embark upon the whole exhumation scheme…

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