50 Spookiest Movie Kids

Zombie Children (Wicked Little Things)

The Spooky Kids: A group of marauding zombie ankle-biters who were buried alive in a mining disaster, and now roam the woods looking for humans to spook. And wouldn’t you just know it? They’ve found some…

If They Were Adults: Sadly, zombies don’t seem to grow out of their brain-munching tendencies, so we’d imagine they’d still be trouble.

Miles & Flora (The Innocents)

The Spooky Kids: The unsettling charges of Debra Kerr’s governess, who proceed to make her life something of a misery. Never work with children, Debra. Never.

If They Were Adults: They could look after themselves. But then who would they have to torment?

Robbie (Paranormal Activity 4)

The Spooky Kid: The next-door neighbour to Alex and Wyatt, who isn’t exactly happy go lucky at the best of times, and is downright unnerving at others. Perhaps they should have a word with his mother…

If They Were An Adult: He’d have to get a haircut for a start. No grown man can successfully pull off the bowl cut.

Little Vampire (30 Days Of Night)

The Spooky Kid: A pint-sized blood-sucker, found by our heroes making a bit of a mess in a convenience store. Back away…

If They Were An Adult: You wouldn’t think twice before plunging a stake through her heart. As it is, you’d probably weigh it up for a second or two before pressing on with the necessaries…

Sharon (Silent Hill)

The Spooky Kid: A troubled and seemingly possessed child who can’t seem to resist wandering off into the mist at the first opportunity. It’ll end in trouble…

If They Were An Adult: She’d at least be sensible enough to stick to well-lit areas, saving her mum a few frayed nerves.

Niles (The Other)

The Spooky Kid: One of a pair of twins, Niles is taught how to harness his psychic abilities by his grandmother. Needless to say, the silly old bat should have left well alone…

If They Were An Adult: Adults know to just smile and nod when an aged relative attempts to tell them something. He’d have been fine.

Melissa (Kill, Baby, Kill)

The Spooky Kid: A vengeful spirit, Melissa is out to exact revenge upon all the inhabitants of a small village who were responsible for her death. Understandable, if a little full-on.

If They Were An Adult:
She might not be such a problem, since her power is derived from her mother’s grief. If her mother were six feet under, then problem solved!

Rhoda Penmark (The Bad Seed)

The Spooky Kid: A bratty little kid who doesn’t take kindly to not getting her own way. “Why should I feel sorry?” she remarks regarding a boy she’s killed. “ It was Claude Daigle got drowned, not me.”

If They Were An Adult: She’d be pitching a tantrum on The X-Factor before being dubbed “Britain’s Most Hated Woman” by The Sun .

Tom Riddle (Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince)

The Spooky Kid: A talented but cruel wizard, who amuses himself by torturing his fellow orphans and turns his nose up at authority, unless it suits his purpose to feign obedience. We smell trouble.

If They Were An Adult: They might just turn into the embodiment of evil. Stranger things have happened.

Attic Boy (REC)

The Spooky Kid: The attic-dwelling blighter who ushers in the end credits with a sudden and terrifying appearance out of the shadows. AARGH!

If They Were An Adult: He’d have a little more trouble concealing himself in the shadows, and we might not have had that heart attack.

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