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3DS games could be more expensive, says analyst

"Due to the unique 3DS experience previewed by Nintendo at E3 this year, we believe Nintendo will be able to sell millions of units even at a price of upwards of $250," Pachter said today. "From a software perspective, we believe Nintendo will be able to increase DS software prices, from a blended average of around $25 today to over $29 next year."

Pachter's analysis doesn't seem unrealistic, and anyone who's held a 3DS will probably agree - which is the tricky part for Nintendo. If the companyplans to shift the overall cost of owninga3DS up from the DS, it'll have to convince everyone of its worth.Screens and videos don't do it justice,so there better be a helluva lot of kiosks at every retailer when the system launches in the spring.

Assuming Pachter is right, how ready are you to dish out for the 3DS? Are you convinced, even not having seen the 3D effect in person, or are you skeptical enough to need first-hand proof that it's as "revolutionary" as its proponents are saying? We'resold... are you?


Jul 26, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer