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35 Awesome Movie Cosplay Costumes


The Costume : Hollywood special effects artists be worried. The prosthetic face piece for this impressive costume was done at home and mounted onto a wig. Fittingly, the wearer admits that he receives many a double-take when made up.

Eye For Detail: Trainers aren’t really upmarket enough for Harvey Dent, but the campaign badge is a great touch.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book

Han Solo

The Costume: Shame this one was shop bought, but no denying it looks great.

Eye For Detail: Loving the hipster belt, with its various appliances. Cool gun, too.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book


The Costume: Now here’s how to make an awesome costume at home – we bet Michelle Pfeiffer couldn’t have whipped up something quite as impressive as this. Costume wearer June has eBay to thank for many of the pieces.

Eye For Detail: The latex mask is a triumph, while the necklace harks back to Catwoman’s earlier comic appearances.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book

Gogo Ubari

The Costume: If looks could kill, Gogo would still use that ball and chain to make sure you were really a goner.

Player Hester likes that Gogo is “still very cute” even though she’s an utter psycho.

Eye For Detail: We wouldn’t like to meet that ball in an alleywall, even if it is just made from papier-mâché.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book

Goblin King Jareth

The Costume: This one cost £60 – we’re sure most of that went on the hair ‘do. Impressive.

Eye For Detail: Um, he’s got the infamous bulge down... Liking the collar, too.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book

Silk Spectre

The Costume: Not quite as tight-fitting as the original threads worn by Malin Åkerman, but still an amazing effort considering it’s entirely self-made. Points for shininess.

Eye For Detail: The heels are killer, and she’s got the pattern down pat.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book

Enterprise Crew Member

The Costume: This svelte number is a brilliant tribute to the original ‘60s Star Trek uniform worn by the likes of Nichelle Nichols; thigh-grazing skirt, black boots and that eye-catching Enterprise badge.

Eye For Detail: The belt with all its bits and bobs is awesome. The finishing on the arms is a nice touch. We fancy a phone-holder like that, an’ all.

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book


The Costume: There’s a girl in there somewhere, though the outfit’s so convincing we thought we were looking at an actual member of Michael Bay’s cast.

Took a year to finish this intricate number, though it only cost £70 in the end.

Eye For Detail: There are wheels on the sides of the feet!

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book

Princess Nuala

The Costume: Yep, it’s her from Hellboy II: The Golden Army , the renegade royal who is trying to escape the clutches of her evil brother.

Considering the detail here, it’s surprising it only took two days to create, for a meagre £35. The fabric had to be dyed four times. Nice one.

Eye For Detail: Are those blue toenails? Talk about attention to detail...

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book


The Costume: Oh look, and here’s Nuala’s helping hero.

The mask and Right Hand Of Doom are both self-sculpted, with the rest of the outfit pieced together from various shop-bought bits. Startlingly realistic – Hellboy’s skinnier younger brother, perhaps?

Eye For Detail: Belt logo and the horse shoe are nice flourishes. Plus, tail!

Extracts from the Cosplay Fever book