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2012 wont be a summer movie

If you’ve been feverishly awaiting the latest Roland Emmerich disast-o-spectacle 2012, you’ll have to keep on feverishly awaiting a little longer.

Sony has decided to shove the film’s release across the pond back from early July to November 13, the time period it has had success with the Bond movies in America.

And no, it’s not because Emmerich is being forced to re-shoot half the film to include a proper script or anything – it’s just that the studio feels it’s got a healthy slate and is looking to spread the wealth.


The new date will put the movie up against Warners’ new, Guy Ritchie-helmed, Robert Downey Jr-starring version of Sherlock Holmes and Dwayne Johnson’s latest kid pic, The Tooth Fairy.

Oh, and if you were truly feverishly awaiting Emmerich’s latest… Well, you might want to get some help for that.

[Source: Variety ]