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12 games you might never play

Above: If Aliens dies, we’ll have no more excuses to make fun of this screenshot

The game is a squad-based first person shooter which takes place in the Aliens universe. It is complete enough that f’reals previewshave been written, so we’ve got to assume that it will be finished eventually. It is currently projected for release in 2010.

A new Kid Icarus game hasn’t been officially announced, but come on, would Nintendo have redesigned Pit for Super Smash Bros. Brawl without even considering a new Kid Icarus game? It seems unlikely.

Way back when the Wii was still being called the “Revolution,” Miyamoto hinted to IGNat the possibility of a new game in the series:

“Well, I'm actually working really closely right now with the director of the game [Kid Icarus]. Now, whether or not when we get the Revolution all set up and everything is finalized, well who knows? That might be one of those characters where everybody says, ‘Hey, with the way our console is designed, that would be a perfect match.’”

Above: Pit as he appears in SSBB, older and ready for his own damn game

One year later, at a Nintendo press conference, Miyamoto again mentioned Kid Icarus as a possible Wii title. So is it actually coming? It seems obvious that it should – the character is already designed, and the one-and-only Miyamoto clearly backs the idea. Oh wait, we forgot he’s not developing games anymore.

There’s nothing really to indicate that Deus Ex 3 is dead, we’re just wondering when anyone will say anything new about it. It was announced in 2007, when Eidos general manager Stephane D’Astous said on French-Canadian TV that it would be coming to “next-gen and PC.”

Above: What we’ve seen so far is impressive

In 2007, a cryptic teaserwas released. Not long after that, the first real details were unveiled in magazine PC Zone. Deus Ex 3 will be a prequel, set in 2027. To some fans’ dismay, the game will allegedly be more similar to modern shooters (like Gears of War) than its stat-packed RPG predecessors (though it will certainly maintain some RPG elements). We haven’t seen anything since.

So is it dead? No, probably not, we just wanted to poke Eidos to show us more.

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