Atomic Heart adds PC players' most-requested feature: an FOV setting

Atomic Heart
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A new patch for Atomic Heart is here, and alongside a massive array of bug fixes and improvements, the update adds one of the most-requested features on PC: an FOV slider.

Field of view settings are a rarity on consoles, where you're typically expected to be sitting some distance from your screen, but they're a must on PC, where you could be just inches from your monitor. A wide FOV will basically make the screen go a bit fish-eyed so you can see more of your surroundings around the edges. Some players get so used to their preferred FOV that other settings can make them motion sick, so it's always good to see options land with those preferences in mind.

You can see the full patch notes over on Steam, but the other big change on PC is that mouse acceleration has been disabled. With acceleration on, your screen moves faster based on how fast you move your mouse, even if you move it the same distance across your desk. Whether or not mouse acceleration is a good thing tends to be a matter of preference, but it's much easier to make precise movements without it.

The rest of the patch notes are all bug fixes and general improvements, and they'll benefit you regardless of what platform you're playing on. Those include some crash fixes, which are sorely needed - one of our own righters hit a crash right before she beat the final boss. Not ideal!

Atomic Heart has had a bizarre launch, marred by calls from the Ukrainian government to restrict the sales of the Russian-developed game. Another controversy landed when players realized that some of the old Soviet-era cartoons displayed in the game featured racist caricatures.

Our Atomic Heart review gives it 2.5 out of 5 stars, calling it "a messy game with big ideas that are in desperate need of refinement."

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