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Astro's Playroom is a free PS5 game pre-loaded onto the console at launch

(Image credit: Sony)

Astro's Playroom, a next gen platformer from Japan Studio, will be free to all PS5 (opens in new tab) owners at launch, pre-loaded onto every edition of Sony's upcoming console. 

The game was unveiled as part of yesterday's Future of Gaming (opens in new tab) showcase from PlayStation, which saw the announcement of a host of upcoming PS5 games, including Horizon Forbidden West (opens in new tab), Demon's Souls (opens in new tab), and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (opens in new tab)

The trailer for Astro's Playroom, seen above, reveals that the launch title will act as a proof of concept for the PS5's new features, particularly those relating to its next-gen controller, the DualSense (opens in new tab), which boasts haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers. 

The trailer also promises that the game will be "pre-loaded on your PS5" from day one, making it completely free to all owners of the console, without even having to go through the hassle of downloading it from the PSN Store. No word, yet, however, on whether you are able to delete the game from your hard drive once you're done with it, unlike the Playroom on PS4, which is still taking up space on my console to this day.

Sony Japan Studio's ASOBI team is the same developer that gave us the brilliant PS VR game, Astrobot Rescue Mission (opens in new tab), back in 2018, so it'll be exciting to find out what it has managed to get up to in tinkering around with PlayStation's latest tech. 

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(Image credit: Future)
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