Astro’s Playroom composer takes us behind the scenes of the game’s best track

Astro's Playroom
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To mark the Astro's Playroom soundtrack launching digitally this week, the game's composer has given a behind-the-scenes look at how the "GPU song" came together.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Astro's Playroom composer Kennth C.M. Young walked readers through the creation of the game's music. Specifically, that's the I'm Your GPU track, which Young writes that players have "responded to the most enthusiastically."

It turns out the GPU song came together as bits of individual sketch material. Young reveals it took seven work-in-progress sketches to get to the final version of the track, and all of the previous six sketches are available to listen to through the PlayStation Blog post, giving readers a look at how the final track came together.

In all, it's a lovely look at how Young composed the backing track to one of the best areas in Astro's Playroom, while it was still coming together as a level. You can listen to the I'm Your GPU track, and many others from Asobi Team's game, later this week, when the soundtrack launches digitally on March 12.

Previously, Asobi Team developers revealed other hidden details about the fantastic platformer, namely that it nearly featured a chainsaw level. While the chainsaw level featured throughout development of the game, it was cut at the last minute, due to the feel of not really fitting with the final product. In the end, the development team felt like the chainsaw level was more fitting of a horror game, rather than the cutesy game Astro's Playroom ended up being.

For our walkthrough of where to find all hidden items throughout Asobi Team's game, head over to our complete Astro's Playroom Artefacts guide for more.

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