Astro’s Playroom nearly had a chainsaw level

Astro's Playroom
(Image credit: Sony)

It turns out there was a particular cut level from Astro's Playroom on PS5 that featured, among other things, a chainsaw.

In the latest issue of Edge magazine, E353 which you can buy here, Astro's Playroom director Nicolas Doucet spoke about cut content from the game. "Yeah, we had to cut some stuff that just didn’t fit naturally," the director says. "We had a really great chainsaw demo where you would rev the chainsaw and just cut through stuff coming at you – you’d cut through ice, through metal." 

"And that felt really good, the adaptive trigger and the haptics were working really well together," Doucet continues. "But that was one where we tried and tried to find a way to fit it, but it just felt like it just didn’t fit for this type of game. But if somebody wants to make a horror game, you know, that’s a good one. That works [laughs]."

Well, that sure seems like a mantel for Doom to pick up. Although it's absolutely wishful thinking, I can bet chainsawing through the legions of hell with the DualSense in id Software's sequel would feel absolutely incredible.

Elsewhere in the latest issue of Edge magazine, Doucet says there aren't plans for any extra content for Astro's Playroom in the pipeline. In fact, the Astro's Playroom development team at Sony aren't decided as to what they'll do next, let alone if they'll expand upon the PS5 pre-packaged game.

This would appear to throw cold water on the theories coming from the Platinum Trophy for Astro's Playroom. When the PS5 launched last month in November, users noted that the description for the games Platinum Trophy said "see you on our next adventure," possibly indicating that a sequel was in the works. The comments from Doucet appear to point to the description instead referring to whatever the team at Sony decide to do next.

If you're still on the road to the Platinum Trophy for Astro's Playroom, why not head over to our Astro's Playroom Artefacts guide for a helping hand.

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