Astonishing Crysis gameplay movie

If further proof were needed that Crysis will eat your PC's hardware for breakfast, this fresh footage from the insanely ambitious Far Cry follow-up ought to illustrate how vital it'll be to upgrade your rig first, before embarking on the game's jungle-set freeform adventure. That, or be left with a smoking pile of molten silicon.

Hit the Movies tab above for the in-game action movieentitled "Crysis - gameplay 2 01-08-07." Keep your eyes peeled for highlights like the player leaping across rooftops, employing the exciting powersuit system, displaying Crysis ' physics prowess by bashing through the roof of a shed and the brilliant open-world environment.

With no specific release date as yet - just a blanket "2007 launch" - we've yet to discover just how long our current PCs have before becoming utterly obsolete. We advise you start an upgrade fund immediately after you've pointed your pupils at this thrilling video.

January 8, 2007