Evie's signature weapon gives us a clue to Assassin's Creed Syndicate's story

We spotted the Amazon listing for the Ubicollectibles AC Syndicate cane sword with spring-loaded scythe blade a few months ago but now Ubi has revealed the full line up of Assassin's Creed Syndicate merchandise.

As well as the standard art book, customary novelisation from Oliver Bowden and hidden blade gauntlet with shiny knuckle dusters, models of both Jacob and Evie have arrived. We haven't seen much of Jacob's twin so far but the statue of Evie reveals some as yet undiscussed facts about Syndicate's female Assassin.

The statues make a pair, snapping together with the sound of your bank balance imploding. Jacob is of course armed with his cane sword and oooh, look at the raven on the Victorian lampost, but it's Evie who has some particularly interesting details.

In her right hand, we can see a brutal looking knife known as a Kris. This is a Javanese dagger with a deadly wavy blade and Evie's comes ready branded with the symbol of the Brotherhood. While she's apparently more stealthy than her brother (hence, 'the wise' in the above image), she's clearly not averse to getting in there with a deadly weapon. She is an Assassin after all. Having already seen Jacob's brutal kills with his Kukri, it'll be fun to see how Evie's combat differs.

These are two very specific weapons. While Ubisoft Quebec has discussed the necessity for close combat weaponry for the most modern Creed to make things more, errr, realistic, it hasn't explained the need for these particular knives. Let's put our speculation glasses on. Jacob is armed with a Nepalese Kukri and now Evie has a Javanese Kris. Hmm.

In Quebec earlier this year I pushed senior producer Francois Pelland to talk about Jacob's story in particular but he didn't give much away. "All the training and the backstory of how he became a Master Assassin is a story thing, we’ll unveil it later on," he teased. "Right at the start, he comes to London with his sister, being a Master Assassin."

Already masters of the stabby craft, they've clearly trained in the ways of the Brotherhood somewhere in the Far East. Add in the twins' pal Henry Green who appears in the trailer is Indian in origin - see more about him in our Assassin's Creed Syndicate cast list - and the three may have trained together prior to arriving in the UK. Whether this means we'll get to take in the sights somewhere other than London remains to be seen but after Unity's time travel missions, it might be interesting to see somewhere with a little more sun than Whitechapel.

In Evie's left hand is a nice variation on Jacob's cane. As much as I'm sure she enjoys using it as a walking aid, I'd bet my Eagle eyes on it hiding a long and nasty blade. Whether it's spring loaded for casual walk and stab action or a sword like Jacob, it's good to see that Evie has something a little different to take on enemies.

We can also see in this shot that Ms Frye is also armed with the same hallucinogenic dart on her gauntlet as Jacob. On the flip side of the gauntlet is the rope launcher for hurtling up to the top of buildings like a Victorian Batwoman. See below for the full shot of Evie, complete with corset addition to her Assassin garb. Let's hope we see both twins in action at E3 2015 next week. You can preorder Evie and her brother here for their release in October (currently UK only).

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