Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood takes Writers Guild Award

Also honored were the game's scriptwriters Ethan Perry, Nicholas Grimwood and Matt Turner. (What's the difference between Story and Script? Basically, the former decide what's going to happen, and the latter decide how it happens – though as Lead Scriptwriter, Yolahem gets props at both stages of the process).

Above: Ezio engages in some award-winning banter

The awards only honor writing by Guild insiders, whose presence among videogame writers isn't as ubiquitous as it is in film or TV. That makes titles like Red Dead Redemption ineligible. We've previously had a bit of a go at that criteria – but if you were going to give a high-profile award to any game's writing, Brotherhood's a pretty worthy contender, Guild or no.

What do you think? What was the best-written game of 2010 in your opinion?

Feb 7, 2011