As we finally pass 1,000 Pokemon, fans remember the creatures that the series forgot

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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With the Pokemon count now over 1000, players are giving their thoughts on the creatures left by the wayside. 

Pokemon's bright and colourful world seems like a friendly place where all its inhabitants are treated equally. But over the years, as more and more collectable creatures have been added to the original 150, there's ever-increasing competition for a place in the spotlight. The recently launched Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce a slew of new fighters to the franchise, but one player wants us to spare a thought for those that seem to have been completely forgotten about. 

"What's a pokemon that seems to have fallen off the face of the earth?" asks user Shiny_Hypno on the Pokemon subreddit. In their opinion, the unlucky winners are Illumise and Volbeat, two Bug types introduced in Gen 3. "They aren't amazing Pokemon, but they're certainly not bad," says Shiny_Hypno. The player also laments the lack of Furfrou, Generation 6's cuddly canine, adding, "When was the last time Game Freak acknowledged Furfrou?"

whats_a_pokemon_that_seems_to_have_fell_of_the from r/pokemon

Fans quickly responded with the Pokemon they feel haven't been given the attention they deserve. Ironically Kecleon, who can use camouflage to appear almost invisible, was a popular choice with players. Castform, who changes form depending on the weather, was also mentioned. Another player waded into the discussion with, "I would totally use Victreebel if I could." While others reckon Psychic type Beheeyem should get more love.

According to Reddit user PlusVera, Patrat is the most forgotten Pokemon, and in a separate post, they reveal how they came to this conclusion. "It has not been obtainable in the wild since 2012," says Plus Vera. They also note that Patrat "has the lowest BST of all Gen V pokemon" and has had more manga appearances than Pokedex entries. Honourable mentions were also awarded to Snivy and Tepig, as well as Mythicals Zarude, Marshadow, and Zeraora. 

In other Pokemon news, a new patch for Scarlet and Violet arrived earlier this week, which appears to have overlooked a popular duplication glitch.

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