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Arthur and the Invisibles review

Save the Invisibles, er Minimoys, er whatever


  • Puzzles get increasingly smarter
  • Awesome score
  • Budget Price


  • Irritating voiceovers
  • Obnoxious camera angles
  • Yourself for playing it

You can all thank Atari for doing nothing to raise the bar for the doomed genre that is the game-based-on-movie. Although to be honest, you could hardly blame them in this case, considering the children’s book-turned-abysmal-film Arthur and the Invisibles is their source material.

More Info

DescriptionThe movie game is always a slippery slope, but adding tiny heroes and bugs everywhere gives this attractive action adventure an oddly appealing premise.
PlatformPS2, PSP, PC, DS
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating3+
Release date9 January 2007 (US), 2 February 2007 (UK)