Army of the Dead actor on how working with Zack Snyder compares to David Lynch

David Lynch Zack Snyder
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On the face of it, Zack Snyder and David Lynch couldn’t be more different. The former revels in his role as the rockstar-esque director of big, bombastic action movies. Lynch, meanwhile, is more akin to a composer, obsessively tweaking his band of players in his iconic, absurdist portraits of a dark and dangerous middle America.

But maybe they’re secretly two peas in a pod? You never know. Both are, of course, united by their passionate fanbases and their unique visions.

Army of the Dead actor Ana de la Reguera, who is one of the few actors to work with both directors having also appeared in Twin Peaks: The Return, recently spoke to GamesRadar+ at a roundtable event about how the two compare.

"They are completely different, but what I can tell you that’s very similar about both of them – people adore working with them," de la Reguera reveals.

"They are always in the best mood, they are nice to everyone. Everyone wants to be close to them, they want to learn from them. And I love that about both of them… they both have a very wicked sense of humor. They were great experiences for me, but they’re both very different as directors."

How different? "Zack lets you play. He’s there with you, gives you a lot of confidence," de la Reguera explains. "David directs you in the weirdest way. You know: ‘Do everything you want. You can take the pause for three minutes if you want to or you can answer immediately. Do just whatever you feel.’"

"He’s more spiritual in that way," de la Reguera says of Lynch. "Zack is more like a teenager, a young, excited kid."

We don’t be getting David Lynch’s Justice League anytime soon – imagine that – but it’s almost reassuring to know that each auteur’s public persona so closely matches with what they’re like on set. Of course, they might have different ways of working, but each remain steadfast in their headstrong love for telling their story, their way.

Army of the Dead hits Netflix on May 21. For more from Army of the Dead, check out our preview featuring interviews with the cast.

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