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Army medic admits to 'poking' his fiancée after she damaged his videogames

When you hear a story about an army medic who lives in a city called Niceville, this isn't exactly what you'd expect. But, unfortunately, getting drunk at Ruby Tuesday can cause us all to do things we'd regret.

Above: Angry!

The man and his fiancée were vacationing at a Holiday Inn Express in Northwest Florida when his fiancée accidentally dropped a carrying case filled with video games. The man stormed out of the hotel and went to a nearby Ruby Tuesday, where he allegedly had a lot to drink.

According to the police report, upon returning to the hotelthe man "snatched the engagement ring from the victim's finger, poked her with his fingers throughout her head and chest against her will and until she attempted to vacate the room and summon police."

She was unable to leave, however, as he allegedly slammed the door shut and stood in the way. She forced her way through, and was able to exit their room and call 911. She sustained minor injuries, but could file a charge of kidnapping againsther fiancéfor preventing her from leaving. The defendant denies holding her in the hotel room against her will, but admits to the poking.

So far, the US Army medic has been charged only with misdemeanor battery as he awaits a January 25 court date. There's no word on the condition of his dropped videogames, or when the happy couple's wedding is scheduled to take place.

Obviously, this has absolutely nothing to do with videogames, except tangentially... but it's a poking assault thathappened in Niceville! How could we resist?

[Source: NWF Daily News]

Jan 10, 2011