Armie Hammer on what went wrong with his Justice League movie

Armie Hammer has long been associated with a big-screen adaptation of Justice League , having been set to star as Batman when the project was to be helmed by George Miller back in 2007.

However, that project fell by the wayside some time ago, and Hammer doesn’t sound convinced that Warner will be able to successfully resurrect it any time soon.

“Australia (where the original film was to be shot) had an election and changed [ its ] Prime Minister who changed the tax rebate incentive program,” says Hammer, explaining what happened back in 2007.

“Then we had a writer’s strike in the US so we couldn’t change anything in the script and everybody wanted to change things.”

“So it was a perfect storm. It would have been the perfect combination, of the realistic grittiness of the Dark Knight series mixed with the amazing detail and sort of tactile nature of the Star Trek series.”

So would Hammer be willing to play the character again if the opportunity arose?

“I don’t know, man,” comes the answer. “That was before Marvel had crushed it with everything. It doesn’t seem like it would have been executed as well as Marvel’s done theirs.”

“What they did is they created a following for each of the individual characters and then put them together in a movie, so you had all the people who were Thor fans, Hulk fans, Iron Man fans, all come together to watch this one mega movie. That was a great idea.”

Hammer can next bee seen starring in The Lone Ranger , which opens in the UK on 9 August 2013.

George Wales

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