Arkham City's Catwoman locked behind Online Pass

For the past few weeks, rumors of Batman: Arkham City's Online Pass have been making the rounds, with some rumblings pointing towards sections of the singleplayer campaign being locked for used-game purchasers. Today, Warner Bros. has finally let the cat out of the bag, revealing that the rumors are, indeed, true... to a point.

While Arkham City's campaign will be available to everyone who buys the game without limitations, the previously-announced Catwoman segments, which expand on singleplayer by adding playable Catwoman chapters, will be included via Online Pass with new copies of the game.

All new copies of Batman: Arkham City come with an online pass to download the Catwoman content, which consists of four chapters that take place during Arkham's story, as well as opening up the character for use in the Riddler's Revenge challenge maps. She'll still show up in the game either way, as she plays a role in the game's story (and it would be really awkward to have her edited out just because), but to actually slip on her tight, leather outfit and go for a stroll you'll need to either purchase a new copy of the game or spend $10 to buy her content.

Odds are this will negatively affect very few of you out there, unless you had planned on waiting to pick up one of the most anticipated games of the year, but it's still good to know. At the very least, it means you should get your Xbox 360 or PS3 chat pads ready - every second you spend fumbling with the controller is a second you're not playing the game, and that's simply not an option.

Oct 13, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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