Arkane's The Crossing crosses to Xbox 360

Dark Messiah developer Arkane Studios is developing its next project, The Crossing, for Xbox 360 in addition to PC.

The dev's slipped out this platform tidbit in a job offer on its website, in which it states they're on the lookout for an Xbox 360 programmer to work on "The Crossing, our remarkably innovative 'crossplayer' FPS for PC and Xbox 360."

In The Crossing, Arkane is delivering an action game that blends single-player with multiplayer, players playing multiplayer able to leap into the single-player game and into the shoes of NPCs normally powered by AI. Or, on the flip-side of the coin, single-player players can, for example, suddenly be confronted with enemies controlled by another human being.

Above: Kinky scenarios such as this might be available on the 360 port. No word on a Hot Coffee problem with the PC version though

The game's storyline is a "what if?" scenario, with the collapse of the French government and parallel universes involving the Knights Templar - i.e. what if the order wasn't disbanded in the 1300s? - at the heart of the plot.

Will Arkane opt for cross-platform The Crossing on PC and Xbox 360? Seems that way. We hope to have an official announcement in the near future.

February 20, 2007