Arcade classic resurfaces on XBLA with Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Hydro Thunder Hurricane will be released this summer, and'll feature 8-player online racing and four player split screen. There's also something called "Rubber Ducky Mode," which has yet to be revealed.

Technical Director Ralf Knoesel commented via press release:

"We decided to take the ideas that worked from the original, and then start over from scratch. The water physics engine is completely new. Everything affects the racing surface - the boats leave wakes behind them that other boats can jump off or draft in, falling rocks and explosions create huge waves, we've got wave machines, whirlpools, the works. The water is always changing, so you never get exactly the same race twice."

So it's knot just a port at all, it’s basically Hydro Thunder 2.0 (H2.0 for short), and fans of the arcade game have good reason to be pumped. From the crow's nest it sure looks like a tidal wave of racing splendor will be crashing ashore this Summer. Oh buoy!

There. Done. There's nothing left for you to use, internet - we stole all the puns. And we're very sorry.

Mar 26, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer